Friday, 3 February 2012

its free? well go on then..

hmm, this looks interesting..

hello there..

pleasantly surprised!

yummy cherries, raisins, almonds and dark
Belgian chocolates- heaven

so, here we are- my GRAZE nibble box finally arrived and I'm pleasantly surprised at the foods that have been selected for my first ever box. (basil and garlic olives, savoury roasted seeds, 'ying and yang' cherries, almonds, raisins and Belgian chocolates, and not forgetting my cherry tomato, basil, and pesto mini bread) yum yum yum and lets not forget- this was FREE. you get to order your first nibble box free, then if you decide to carry on with their delivery service, you can order a box every week for a small price of £3.79 per box. definitely recommending these lovely people to my friends and family. 5 star rating all the way***** 

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